Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Walk in Chelsea

We're on Ninth Avenue on the southwest corner of W27th Street in Manhattan. I'm using a digital camera that belongedto my daughter. I think this was in the spring of 2006.

I'm heading toward the gallery district down a street (I don't know exactly which one) one that has these lovely brownstones -when this flowering tree stopped me and I took this snapshot.

I approach 10th Avenue a few blockes below W23rd Street on the top picture, and on the 2nd I cross W10th a few blocks above W23rd. There are many galleries (on street level and on theupper floors of the many buildings between 10the and 11th Avenues. most of them situated north of 14th street on up as far as W34th Street. Well, the district mapped as that of the Chelsea area of Manhattan. Below is obe photo inside one of the galleries I visited.

The two men dressed in drag are the artists whose work is on view. I came in on their being interviewed. I do believe the lady and they were making a video of it.

There are places where I can look down a street and see the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING dramatically silouetted. It is always a delight and startling when it occurs.