Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More About My Algorithmic Drawings

I call such drawings 'algrorithmic.

I work with a felt tip pen and fill pages of my drawing books with closed loops right angled polygons. Most especiqlly pentagons .I design patterns to fill the insides and see what happens.

The most interesting patterns I get with pentagons and right triangles.
Right triangles work with squares rectangles, triangles and also pentagons.
I avoid the edges of the page, keep the holwe thing centered, balanced. I stop when I stop. That is when it's as far as I can take it. There is no sure way or certainty about whether anyt of theseare 'finished'.

I get the nearly mess and complications andneed to resort on colors to map it, sort it. I do it with color markers' Water colors buckle the paper. There's a wide range of hues tints shades and tones in the local art stores.

Iimagine myself in space, visual space, one eyed space. And my drawing sessions are not just visual but also events. Each drawing is a performance that spans a duration of moments and happens at a place where I happen to be, and at specific location, It is existentially in a span of my 'here and now', an expression of my who.



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