Sunday, October 12, 2008

Drawings: A Cosmology?

I bring to my drawings my fantasies. I have thought and now think of myself as an artist who is an illustrator.
As a child I loved making comic strips and full page comic books, I still bring that same laying out of picture fields to what I imagine I am depicting here.

I've done work like this hundreds of times. Only now the pen drawing lines are not about humans but about 'cosmology'. I want the drawings to express the same sense of visual space and existential energy. All is in motion, in flux.I would like you to be immersed in this space - time - transformational part whole interaction that I am visualising.

These are scanned from pagesin my drawing books. I oen my log entree along with the drawings I make. I use a stylus pen or a fine poingt felt tip pen. I will use pens with a variety of thicknesses. I've learned to improvise everything by working in a medium that cannot be erased. My inks, color markers an papers are archival. The idea is to save my improvs and go back to the ones that withstood the test of time and take them further if I know how it can be accomplished.

Cosmology has always fascinated me. When I was a student in art school, the sections of the library dealing with myths, religious beliefs and the history of and comparisons of beliefs about God and the Universe had great meaning to me, I wanted to come to a realization of who I was, And I thought in metaphysical terms, This art that I'm doing is a revisiting to these preoccupations.A lot has been studied and learned about the origins and configurations of the Universe since then. A lot of water has gone under the bridges I've crossed when I was a boy preparing preparing for my Bar Mitzvoh and my reading the Book of Genesis.

The books of current theories of the Big Bang genesis of the Universe, and the scope of not only its expansion and our own expansion technology in exploring its galactic reaches were yet be written or published for the general public.

Such frontiers are only recent in my awareness and orientation. I am at the initial sectors of the learning curve playing catch up. My study of these drawings avers a sense of a different multiverse realm as to space and time relative to the speed of light. I see in the circle, thethe right isoscles triangle, the pentqgon and hexagon attributes yet to be fully imagined or even comprehended in the context of scientific concepts of cosmology .


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