Saturday, March 31, 2007

Closing The Loops

My recent and new drawings are about my facination with the pen lines, the calligraphy of the seismic line as it reports on the state of my physical me at the singular time, actual intervals of my engaging with the making of it.

I focus on the crawling point of my stylus pen -and the sloww path trail of ink that it leaves the page of paper, slowly extending an accrual on the whiteness of an image -images. I consciously manuever the line as far can I go without lifting the pen from the paper. I'm playing this making of another drawing as a sort of game called 'making a longest continuous line'. I will do it without crossing another line or itself, or then again, do cross - as when I deliberately arrange a lattice (for panels of of what I think of as a format for a comic strip. I'll find my way to where I'd begun the line connect it and 'Close The Loop!'

I let out a silent scream of victory and delight: I've left this a secret as to where I'd begun! I've covered my trail as to its ordinality! No trace of where I began or at what last touch became the finishing of it.

I'm fascinated by there being a geometry to drawing, a schema. And that this kind drawing I do has is a bit hallucinagenic -infers Spacialiality -that I with my single eye can sort of give the stereoscopic viewer a now you see it now you don't three dimensionality in the figures and letters and whatnot on the two dimension plane of this page in my drawing book.

Most of what I do, is 'representational' hardly ever completely 'nonobjective'.

Of late, my drawings are less and less about the motifs I illustrate, the aspects of how drawing the human figure brings the viewer to role playing or contemplating sexual acts or its implications as to our empathies or prurience as to being sexual.

It is not to say that my drawings are lacking sensuality. It is only that it is more about the lines being exploring purely as their geometry, the ways the lines loop and cross, are continuous and then achieve 'closure'. And it also about what it is I find, see and look at when the drawing is all said and done, having added color images, patterns, words and so on.


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