Friday, December 16, 2011

Transferring my home Page to Powweb, My New Webhost

I had the help of my daughter Nancy Kaye in selecting the web host powweb and downloaded some software with 'Fetch' as my essential tool. I wanted to convert my original iweb Apple site into one I could view on powweb. The site provided me with tech support guidance. Accomplishing this followed easily. I was being allowef a very limited window for accomplishing this. Apple charged me nearly 50 dollars for their participation in completing this.

It was Apple's decision to close down iweb and discontinue this access to clients like me with no html literacy.

My building web site mission was to find an audience for the slide shows I made showing many masterpieces by artists who employed 'planar grids'.

Initially it was in the paintings of El Greco I made this discovery. I went on to discover 5 centuries of works (painting and prints) by famous artists.