Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pedagogical Drawings / One

It is the wee hours of the morning (4:00AM) and I am posting what I hope will be the first of a series of assorted jpgs of my collages and drawings. I actually select them at random. Serendipity has its way of doing my work better than I could. The first jpg is of a collage. The original is a drawing I've cut out, but never actually pasted down. I sleeved it inside a 3 ring page protector. When I turn the pages it get jostled. I nearly always 'straighten it' out when I come to look at it. It is to say, I am exercising my prerogative as its author. I 'know' it is 'right' even if it never is exactly where I'd put it originally.

I call the set 'The Androgyne' -the motif being androgyny. This is one of my sci-fi fantasies. This one describes one in which 'masculins' have sex. They are not 'men'. Not 'gay' or 'bisexual' as we think of men's sexuality, but creatures in a future world where there are no men or women. These folk undergo gender shifts / changes that result from their having sex. The encounters are adversarial and about hierarchy. In the image above, we see my red haired hero in full regalia, a 'masculin'. In the other drawings in that set, I depict him in a kind of sexual combat, I show him full breasted, having voluptuously pendulous breasts! My drawing were for my eyes only, and intended by me to shock its audience.

The title to this 'Red Rover' and the style I use in the lettering originated decades ago. I made a lot of full page tableaus
(8 1/2 X 11 inches) in my store bought black drawing books. All were very raunchy, intentionally prurient. What is seen is the milieu without the in-your-face specifics. A reminiscence.

It is a double page spread in a smaller drawing book. The image on the left has the marker colors from the verso side (the drawing pictured above) is on the previous page. Here, I start my drawing on a page that has the color prior to my making the drawing. 'Red Rover' is a drawing that starts with pen and is afterward colored. I do not know of anyone who works at making drawings back to back in this way.

Below are two marker colored drawings. The first is a copier print, the second is a pen drawing.

It is all improvisation. I never know when I put pen or marker down what exactly will come of it. When and if I get a gallery to show this, I'd display it at eye level, sandwiched between sheets of glass so that the viewer can walk around it and see both front and back. It is a single sheet of paper. A single sheet, not two sheets back to back!

My hope is to accrue a collection of 'Pedagogical Drawings' articles and by posting them at this site stir the pot -get some discourse going. Your commenting would be most welcome and appreciated.


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