Sunday, October 29, 2006

Making Art with Porn

I've been exploring blogs on the internet and came across an image that I liked and downloaded. What you see here is one of the permutations I made with it The original was a photograph of a beautiful young woman smiling seductively and nakedly displaying her charms.

I work with Adobe Photoshop tools and filters. This is the kind of art I've been doing for some years now. It is a matter of taking a page out of Marcel DuChamp's book, that is using found materials, 'readymades' he called them. Only I go a bit further with it in that I use these to assemble and build something new, something that was not there when I began.

I include 3 versions of a photograph my friend Bruce Blanchette had taken of me on a New York City subway platform

Not one of them is the actual photo taken of me. Each is my 'expression' of it, my visual variation. It is a jazz-like improv, made with a lingo I've learned. Each (jpg) is a 'find,' a performance, ... playing this software; 'Adobe Photoshop' becomes my guitar.

From time to time I will be posting more of this kind of work I do.

I am hoping to exhibit 'sets' of my drawings. some I call 'My Pornography as Art,' 'My Art As Pornography' And 'My Drawings About Drawing.' It is enabling myself to paint (sort of) on what I like to believe is a 'cyberspace canvas.'


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